Monday, February 22, 2016

The problem with the fanaticism

This time I want to write about the fanaticism.

There are many different forms of fanaticism. I don't want to write about the usual/daily one here. If you take a great interest in something for example playing video games or watching soccer then you are a fan. And a fan is the short form of fanatic. Being a fan is OK. This is no problem, except you are spending too much time for your hobby. In this case you disregard yourself, your family and friends and so on. This is a problem. Although this could be a great problem for some of you, I don't want to write about this aspect of fanaticism here. I want to focus on the narrow sense of the fanaticism, mainly on the religious fanaticism.

What is the religious fanaticism?

A simple answer is:
For the religious fanaticism you have to think that your faith/religion is the only one which is right and all the others are wrong. The humans all over the world have to believe the same like you.

I think several of you would have answered this question in a similar way. Of course this answer isn't wrong. It contains several right aspects. But it only explains the ramifications and not the reasons for it.

For all of you who are looking for a new hobby, here's a short guide how to become a religious fanatical: ;-)
To become a religious fanatical, you need a faith and a religion. If you don't find a religion which fit to your faith found your own one. To found a religion and to find members isn't easy, but if you want to become a religious fanatical, you need a very strong faith which gives you the strength to pass difficult times. In the case your faith isn't strong enough, you really should have choosing another hobby in contemplation. After you convinced a few persons to think the same way like you, finding new members who will follow you will become easier. In the case you meet someone who don't want to think the same like you, kill him/her. This is the fastest way to handle dissidents. If you are a very successful religious fanatical, every survivor of your proselytizing will believe the same like you and you will live in your own perfect but very boring and empty world. Isn't this the wish from all of us? ;-)

In the case you didn't understand the last chapter, this was only a joke. But is this really only a joke? If you take a look at several people around this world, you unfortunately will see that they are doing or at least trying to do something very similar.

Some of you perhaps think at the conflict between the Christianity and the Islam. Both religions are thinking that each of them is the only one which is right and the other one is wrong. That's why they are fighting since centuries and are still fighting today.

But is the different faith really the reason for this conflict?
It's right that both religions have a faith which is a little bit different from each other. But this doesn't cause the conflict. Both religions were leaded by humans who wanted to get more power, influence and so on. But of course the leaders never fight themselves. They need people who will fight for them. If they would have told the people to fight for them because the leaders want to have more power or influence, no one would have fought for them. That's why they told the people that the members of the other religion are unbelievers and they are doing bad things. And they told them that if you combat these foreign persons, you are a good person and that your sins will be forgiven. Unfortunately many people believed them and combat the foreigners. Many of the fighting people really believed and are still believing that they are doing something good and that they are fighting to protect their face.

What shall you say about these very stupid persons?
Like I wrote above, the fastest way to handle people who are thinking/believing something different than you, is killing them. But unfortunately many of these people who are thinking so, don't see, that you never will solve a problem with fighting. For each enemy/dissident who you kill, you creates many more. With fighting you always creates more enemies than you are able to kill. There is only one way to eliminate an enemy. Becoming friends! Of course this isn't easy or works fast, but only if an enemy becomes a friend, you eliminate the conflict. And the first and most important step on the way becoming friends is talking with each other and trying to see the problem from the point of view of the other one.

Today of course only a small minority of the Christians and Muslims are still combating each other. A huge part of these minorities are religion fanaticals.

But why are they doing these terrible things?
To find the answer you have to take a closer look. You have to take a look at the individual person and not at the whole conflict.

If you have a faith, of course you think that this is right. In the case you think it would be wrong, you wouldn't believe in it. :-)
And even you have a very strong faith and this faith is the most important part of your life or even from you, this is no problem. Everything is OK.

But when does a strong faith becomes a religious fanaticism?

As I wrote above you have to think that your faith is right. This is necessary. But you always should know that you perhaps misinterpreted some aspects of the Bible, the Koran or howsoever your religious book is called. You and also the leaders of each religion are only humans. And humans are making mistakes.
But if you are a religious fanatical, you think that your interpretations of the religion texts are completely correct, that you didn't make any mistakes. And this is the main problem. Persons who are thinking so, are too self-centered. They never would think that they are perhaps wrong. And this is the most stupid and most dangerous way of thinking. As long as these people are thinking this way, they aren't able to find or correct their mistakes. They aren't able to develop.

In the case you are thinking that your interpretations of the texts are perfect, the stringent conclusion is that all the persons who are thinking different are wrong. Even if you are a peaceable person and you don't do anything against the dissidents, you are a religious fanatical.

But if you are already thinking this way it's only a very small step trying to convince or even to combat the dissidents. Even if you are trying to convince the dissidents only with words, this is force. You never should try to convince someone else. The other person is an individual and free person like you. If he/she believes something else, this is OK and you have to accept this.

Don't misunderstand me. I don't want to say, that you shouldn't talk with others about your faith or religion. You really should do this. Without talking with others about your thoughts, you never will be able to find your mistakes and to develop. Talking with others is very important. But there is a big difference between talking with someone else about your faith or trying to convince him/her!

Perhaps some of you are asking now how you could accept all the different faiths/religions without thinking that your own one is better or more right than the other ones.
This is a problem and everyone has to find a way to handle this.

I like the following idea:
My own faith is good but not perfect. There are still certainly many mistakes. That's why I always continue thinking and talking with others about it to find these mistakes, to develop my faith and myself. And the members from all the other religions are doing the same. Everybody has his/her own incomplete faith, his/her own view. But in the end, if you found and corrected all your mistakes, developed your faith, you will see that everyone is right. Everyone is believing at the same God and is talking about exactly the same. The only reason why there are so many different faiths and religions, is that we are only humans. We aren't able to see the whole picture or to interpret all the details right. We are making mistakes all the time but we are always thinking that we are perfect and all the others are wrong. We finally should see that we are all the same. All of us are humans who are doing their best to interpret the details. Instead of combat the dissidents we should talk with them! Perhaps they see some details we didn't see till now? Only if we are working all together, we perhaps will be able to see the whole picture.

That's why always remember:
Having a strong faith is good and very important. But always remember that you aren't able to see the whole picture yourself. You need all the dissidents too. Only together you perhaps will be able to see the whole picture and to solve all the problems in our lifes.

I was inspired by Lindsey Stirling to write this blog post. She has a very strong faith which gives her the power to pass all the bad times she had to go through. But even she has such a strong faith, she accepts all the dissidents. She is always thinking about herself and is trying to become a better person.

This photo shows Lindsey Stirling and two of the main aspects of her life: Faith and Music.
Written by Andreas S. Janke

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Love versus Hate

This time I again want to write about a difficult topic: The well known opposite feelings Love and Hate.

At the beginning I want to ask you two simple questions:
What is love and what is hate?

Everyone probably is able to answer these questions immediately, because these feelings are the most important and strongest ones in our whole life. All of you heard about them or even already felt them.

A few simple answers to these questions are:
Love and hate are two opposite feelings.
Love is responsible for everything what is good and hate is responsible for everything what is bad in this world.

But are the answers to these questions really so simple? I don't think so. Love and hate are more complex than this.

In this blog post I want to explain my thoughts about what love and hate are. I again want to emphasize that the content of this blog post is only my own opinion and that there are certainly many other persons around the world who have other opinions. And this is good so. The world would be a very boring and sad place if everyone would have the same opinion. :-)

Before I'm able to explain my thoughts about love and hate, I have to explain two assumptions which I made.

My first assumption is that everything (the dead world around us, the plants and animals and also the humans) are made of energy. Some of you probably will think that I'm wrong “The world isn't made of energy. It's made of matter.”. Yes you're right. Everything is made of matter. But matter and energy are exactly the same. Matter is only a particular appearance of energy. Albert Einstein proved this.
My second assumption is that each human has a soul which is also made of energy. I know that there is no proof of the human soul till now. Perhaps there never will be a proof. But I believe, I KNOW, that there is a human soul in all of us. These souls are the most powerful but at the same time also the most sensitive objects in the universe. There is nothing similar like them. A human soul is the sum of all your experiences, decisions and so on. It is your personality, the soul are you!

When a human is born, he/she already has a soul, but it's unspecific/unfinished. Only because of the life, all the experiences and particularly because of the decisions which you made during your life, your soul becomes a unique strong individual character.
During a life a soul comes in contact with many other souls. It's connected with them or even with all souls around the world. That's why all of your decisions always impacts other persons you are connected with.

After you know my assumptions now, I'm able to answer the question what love and hate are. First I will potter at the love.

I think, that love is also an energy. But this energy is different from the one the whole world and also the humans are made of. This energy appears because of such a connection between two souls. There are many different kinds of love, for example: the love between the parents and their children, the love between friends, the love between two lovers and also the love for a foreign person who you meet randomly on the road and help him/her.
These are only a few kinds of love. There are many more. But all kinds of love only appear because of a connection between two souls. This love helps people to make the right decision, to help others, even they have a disadvantage because of this. The world only works because there are always people who are doing the right things because of love.
Without love you aren't able to survive. Love is the “food” for your soul. It heals the wounds and gives you the power to pass bad times.

But there is one big problem. When love is created by the connection between two souls, how could you create such a connection?
There is only one solution. Both persons have to be willing to give love, even both of them don't know if the other one will reciprocate this love. It's a risk without any guaranty. Sometimes you have luck and sometimes you have bad luck. No one will ever know this before risking it.

In the case you have luck and the other one is willing to reciprocate your love, a very powerful connection appears between these two souls. Love is born! You could say that love is born because two souls are interacting with each other. This love is the most powerful energy. It is able to heal each wound and gives you all the strength which you need to pass the bad times in your life. There is nothing similar like love.

But in the case the other person isn't willing to reciprocate the love, no connection/interaction appears. This hurts. That's why there are some people who don't risk this any more. They were disappointed too often. But they still want to be loved like all of us. Of course I see their problem but unfortunately there is no other way than risking it again and again. Don't loose hope. Even it will last a very long time till you find a person who deserves your love who will reciprocate the love. The love you will experience then is worth everything.

Unfortunately there are some people who were disappointed too often. These people aren't able to feel the love anymore. And one day they begin to hate all the other people, especially the ones who are still able to feel the love.

There is one important question left: Is hate the opposite energy of love or is it only the absence of love?
My opinion is that hate isn't the opposite energy of love. It's only the absence or the lack of love. Hate is something very bad. And bad things can't survive. Only the good things like love or the souls are able to exist forever.
Some of you perhaps think at all the terrible things which were done because of hate. You perhaps think that you need a powerful energy to do such terrible things. These are interesting thoughts. But take a look at the world around you. There are so many things happening only because of the lack of something for example if there is a lack of food, resources, lifetime, faith, love or whatever. It isn't important if the lack is there because of nature, because of another person who stole something from you or because you are living too high standards. The reason for the lack does not matter.

The lack of something is one of the two most powerful motivators to do something. The other one is love. I even think that the lack of something and the love are the only motivators which exists.

That's why I think that hate is only a feeling because of the lack of love. Perhaps “Love versus Lack” would be the better title for this blog post? :-)

Always remember:
Always live your life open-hearted, no matter how often your love wasn't reciprocated. Don't loose hope and try it again and again. This is the only way to find the persons who deserve your love and to be loved. The alternative, a life without love, can't be worthwhile by no stretch of the imagination.

I was inspired by Lindsey Stirling to write this blog post. Even she passed very bad times and lost her very best friend Jason Gaviati, she never stopped living her life open-hearted. I try to follow Lindsey's example and I hope that there perhaps will be other persons around the world who also will follow her example.

Here you can see Lindsey Stirling, Drew Steen and Jason Gaviati in Australia. The photo was taken 2013.
Written by Andreas S. Janke